Eating healthy while out on the go


Now in 2019, society is as busy as ever.  It’s not uncommon to have multiple jobs, multiple classes, even multiple children that take up most of our day.  With all the convenient but unhealthy food options, cooking at home just doesn’t happen much anymore.

Trying to eat healthier, and go, against the standard American diet can be challenging while out on the go. Here are five easy but often overlooked tips that have saved me on several occasions.

  1. Salad Bar at your local grocery store

No matter where you live chances are there’s a grocery store with a salad bar.  Salad bars are great ideas because no matter your eating lifestyle, there’s a salad for you!!

2. Look at the menu online first

Having a chance to preview the menu before you actually arrive at the restaurant is totally genius!! This gives you the opportunity to view the menu in peace without feeling rushed.  If you feel rushed by your party or the waitress when ordering then you will most likely just end up ordering the first thing that you look at. Take some time, look over the online menu and be mindful of what you’re ordering.

3. Choose meals with whole grains

When ordering at a restaurant try choosing meals that are going to provide your body with the nutrients that it needs to thrive.  Although a good ole hamburger and fries may sound fun, it will not feed your body the microbutrients that it needs. Look for meals that have ancient or whole grains such as quinoa, millet, oats, amaranth, and black rice just to name a few.

4. Eat meals with a lot of vegetables

Nothing says eating healthy like a rainbow of vegetables!!  Vegetables provide the micronutrients that your body needs such as vitamin A, B, C, and D, iron, calcium, zinc, etc.  Mexican restaurants are great on the go places for finding dishes that favorites vegetables.

5. Portion Control

Last but certainly not least there is portion control.  Everything in moderation is the rule. We all know that eating a whole bag of chips isn’t ideal but even fruits, vegetables, and grains can have some unwanted effects if eaten too much at once.  Bloating and gas are usually the effects but they can be pretty uncomfortable at times. Try to keep portions small. Here’s a guide to follow; measure protein sources no bigger than the palm of your hand, measure carb sources no more than what can fit into your cupped hand, measure fruits and vegetables no more than the size of your fist, and for healthy fats measure no more than the size of your thumb.  Use these size portions rather than eating til you feel full.

Next time you find yourself eating on the go remeber these few guides to follow and you’ll stay on track with your healthy eating goals!!

Next time you find yourself eating on the go remeber these few guides to follow and you’ll stay on track with your healthy eating goals!!

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