Fitness Training

Class Overview

Maximum Results in Minimum Time, no matter your location

- 1 on 1 personal fitness training via video, email, messaging, app, and in person
- Custom Workout Plan
- Custom Meal Plan
- Nutritional consultation
- Weekly check-ups

$300 per month

or 1-hour workout session only - $65

A personal fitness trainer can help you reach your health and fitness goals with all the convenience of training in your own home, gym, or other personal space.

I specialize in body and lifestyle transformations and use physical training, nutritional changes, and improvements in thinking to help you reach your goals. We teach you how to eat right and exercise correctly, and help you understand the various aspects of fitness, from nutrition to mobility. We believe in training the mind and the body and can deliver all of this to you through workout and nutrition programs.

Nutritional Consultation & Audit
At the beginning of your personal fitness journey, we conduct a full-scale audit of dietary habits and make positive changes that are particular to how you eat, rather than making sweeping statements that apply generally, but not necessarily to you specifically.

Exercise Programs Tailored to the Individual
Our personal fitness training includes a full array of workout programs, from resistance training to cardio and active rest sessions, giving you a bespoke exercise schedule.

Amazing Value For Money
No more wasting time on inefficient workouts and diets that never quite click. You work 1-on-1 with your coach to create a sustainable eating plan and an exercise regime that delivers results whilst fitting around your life.

Location Independent
It doesn’t matter where you live or where you train because our online training is designed specifically for you.

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1-on-1 Training

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